Recording and Rehearsal Studios

Recording and Rehearsal Studios

Swansea's recording spaces represent real variety, ranging from community-run studios with enviable equipment, to places set in truly picturesque countryside. Whether you are looking to record one song or an entire album, Guitar Lessons Swansea highly recommends any of these spaces, all featuring professional service and top-of-the-range technology to give you the perfect sound.

Rhondda Street Studios is a small, independently-run studio in Swansea in a great location for channelling nature into your creativity. What it lacks in size, it certainly makes up for in the quality that you get for your money, at just £15 per hour recording, and a long list of successful clients, you won't be disappointed at Rhondda Street. The studio features a great selection of analogue equipment, giving you that warm tone that is essential for a high-fidelity recording while combining this with top-of-the-line digital workstations that enable all manner of fancy-tricks. In terms of instruments, the studio only really provides amplification, but this is a small price to pay for keeping the familiarity with your own guitars. Head to the website for a telephone number or to listen to a selection of the music that has been produced here, you won't be disappointed.

Octagon Productions is a large, professional recording studio that boasts a huge range of quality equipment and technology, and the service of a long list of clients. The studio is a huge 500 square feet with a 600 square foot live room, so you will have plenty of space to spread out and breathe in those stressful moments of production. As for the equipment, the instruments are vintage, and the production tools are perfectly up-to-date giving you the best possible sound. Also, if you happen to sing but don't play an instrument, the staff can even fill in for you, giving you that real singer-songwriter experience. Prices vary, so email to get the best possible quote for your needs or pop down to Workshop 10 The Business Centre, Purcell Avenue, SA12 7PT.

MWNCi Studios is a studio is one of the best locations Guitar Lessons Swansea has ever seen. Located in the beautiful countryside of the Taf Valley, the studio boasts stunning scenery to relax in and truly work on your music in the most peaceful way possible. Since this is such a unique location, prices are likely to be higher than your average urban studio, but this place offers accommodation too, who knows, you could turn this into a week-long holiday. As expected, the gear is second-to-none, and they will even mix your first track for free, if you are going for true professionalism, it's probably hard to better MWNCi.

MAD Swansea is a recording and rehearsal space run by the community that works with young people to cultivate creativity in an ideal environment. Featuring equipment that is pretty good for a community-run space, and ample space for band practice, MAD is really a great place for young bands who want to record their first EP or just get some private rehearsal in without worrying about annoying the neighbours. At a mere £19 per hour for a recording, and £15 for two hours of rehearsal, MAD represents excellent value for money considering the kind of product you will receive. Drop an email, check out the glowing testimonials, or head down to 229-231 High Street, SA1 1NY to find out more.

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