Guitar Shops in Swansea

Guitar Shops in Swansea

Swansea certainly isn't lacking in guitar shops, and if you are looking for both dedicated Fender and Gibson dealers, Swansea is your place! Alternatively, if you fancy heading to an independent store with a good selection and a high-standard of expertise to boot, then Swansea gives you the goods once again! Here's Guitar Lessons Swansea's rundown of what's what of music shops.

Cranes Music Store is an instrument superstore, housing literally all the gear you could feast your eyes on, all in one convenient location at Units 9-11, St David's Shopping Centre, St David's Square, SA1 3LG. Cranes began in 1851 with just pianos, and since then has expanded to become one of the best-stocked music shops in Swansea. Boasting many famous customers and the honour of being the first UK dealer to import Gibson custom shop guitars, Cranes can clearly be trusted to deliver only the best in quality equipment. Aside from the almost-priceless Gibsons on offer, Cranes features a wide range of pre-owned guitars, for those who want that worn-in sound on a budget. 

Rowlands Music is the Fender answer to Cranes' Gibson dealership, featuring a huge selection of the classic Stratocasters, while also branching into Fender's lesser-known but equally timeless designs. Rowlands is unique in providing instruments tending toward guitars and drums, so if you are looking to expand your band's lead sound, or the percussion section, head down to 31 St Helens Road, SA1 4AP today! Also, contrary to most music stores that offer hugely expensive brands or budget packs with clearly lesser quality instruments, Rowlands prides itself on keeping a lookout for up-and-coming brands that represent real guitarist's quality but for a reasonable price.

The Music Station is a family-run business in the heart of Swansea that originally specialised in pianos but has since expanded to those 4- and 6-strings we all know and love. Being a family business, you can rest assured you will receive in-depth knowledge, expertise and most importantly honesty that you just don't get at large chain stores. Stocking a wide range of top brands of guitars and amplifiers, you can even part-exchange your current equipment if you feel that a new model will serve you better. If you want to support an independent business and the intimacy that comes with it, check out the Music Station at Llansamlet, SA7 9FF.

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