Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you teach complete beginners?

Absolutely, if you’ve never even touched a guitar before you’re more than welcome. I have taught many beginners over the years. Indeed, here at Guitar Lessons Swansea, you are never a beginner for long – we will have you strumming away in no time.

Do you teach children?

Yes. Though from experience I find children younger than 8 tend to struggle with the guitar, so I recommend starting your kids off from 8 and up. 

How long should my lessons be?

This question is very much suited to you and how you learn. I do advise for younger students (age 8-11) that half hour lessons are sometimes better. Usually, students age 12 and up are more than capable of engaging for an hour. I often encourage students to try both, book an hour and a half hour lesson and see which feels best. It's your learning at your pace so pick the time slot that feels best to you. 

Where are you located?

I teach all my guitar lessons from Cranes Music Shop, in Saint Davids Shopping Centre (SA1 3LG) in central Swansea. It is a great place to learn to play the guitar, with easy access from across the city. Click on the map below to bring up my location on Google Maps.

Guitar Lessons Swansea Map

Can I learn Electric AND Acoustic guitar? 

Of course, you can take your lessons in electric or acoustic, the choice is yours.

Do I need to own a guitar before I start my first lesson?

I do have guitars that you would be welcome to use during lessons, however, I always advise that students bring and use their own. Learning and practising on your own instrument is key to becoming familiar with how your instrument feels. If you are going to buy your own guitar, I would recommend reading through the article about Guitar Shops in Swansea.

Do you do vouchers?

I certainly do, they are great for birthdays and other gifts - get in touch for more information.

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